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Episode 126: Genocide: It Happens Very Rapidly ft John Lestrange

Episode 125: Degriefing™ ft Dr Lyn Prashant

Episode 124, Part One: Umami Conversation ft MeganBob Butler

Episode 123: Creampuff is Mufasa with Jeff & KC

Episode 122: KC’s Haze of Hotness ft Maria Aragon

Episode 120: My Uncle On My Mind ft Nerdy Kev

Episode 119: Depression: How Can We Make It Better? (Most Popular Episode of 2018)

Episode 118: From No to Mango ft Sokunthary Svay

Episode 117b: Why Science Fiction Matters ft Miles Schneiderman

Episode 117: I'm Thirty, You're Thirty, Let's Just Do This ft Miles Schneiderman

Episode 116b: I'm Ready to Heal ft Arden Leigh

Episode 116: Creative Afterbirth ft Arden Leigh

Episode 115: I Learned About Facts ft Mikhel Teemant

Episode 114: Hitting the Wall ft Harris O'Malley AKA Dr Nerdlove

Episode 113: The People Are the Ones Who Create the Culture ft Silong Chhun

Episode 112b: "Can I Kiss You?" ft Madison and Neener

Episode 112: I Had No Door For a Long Time ft Madison and Neener

Episode 111: Jeff is an Actor?

Episode 110: Feminist Rants in a Literal Blanket Fort ft Elizabeth Nordenholt

Episode 109: A Plethora of Outsized Reactions

Podcast Mixup Episode: Shattered Worlds RPG - "The Stacks Hold Secrets"

Episode 108: First Hang of the Summer

Episode 107: Graveyard Walkabout ft Anthony Blair-Borders

Mini Episode: Just Catching Up

Episode 106: My Brain is a 93 Geo Metro ft Taylor Bonzer

Episode 105b: In the Middle of the Mission ft Haiku

Episode 105: Hip Hop Was My Teacher ft Haiku

Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale Live Recap: "The Dragon and the Wolf"

Wedding Crashed Into Little People Town ft Brock Terrano

Game of Thrones Recap: Season 7, Episode 6 - "Beyond the Wall"

Episode 103: Emoji Stories ft Brent Flyberg

Game of Thrones Recap: Season 7, Episode 5 - "Eastwatch"

Episode 102: Jeff Tells the Stalking Story ft Andrew Tuller

Game of Thrones Recap: Season 7, Episode 4 - "Spoils of War"

Episode 101b: Was Shakespeare Loved In His Time? ft Movie Babies Devin and Sean

Episode 101: It Was Lithgow All Along ft Movie Babies Devin and Sean

Game of Thrones Recap: Season 7, Episode 3 - "The Queen's Justice"

Episode 100b: It's Hard For Me to Hate On the Thirst Trap ft Ezra Bonillas

Episode 100: The Dimple Came Out ft Ezra Bonillas

Game of Thrones Recap: Season 7, Episode 2 - "Stormborn"

Episode 99: You're All In the Suck Together ft Christina Butcher

Game of Thrones Recap: Season 7, Episode 1 - "Dragonstone"

Episode 98: That Weird, Forbidden Feeling ft Ryan Boyd of Rank & Vile

Episode 97: Hard Times Make Us Better People ft. Rebecca Lee Douglas

Episode 96b: Jeff Doesn't Like the British ft. Stuffy Doll (the band)

Episode 96: Stuffy Doll (the band)

Episode 95: Jill Silva

Episode 94: Josh Firestine and Casey McLain

Episode 93: Fred Bowski

Episode 92b: Things Got Deep, Huh? ft Steve Dombrosky

Episode 92: Three Shades of Jeff ft Steve Dombrosky

Episode 91: Making a Lasting Impact on Humanity ft Dain Norman

Episode 90: The Trees are Like "Slow Down, Guys"

Episode 89b: RIP Adam Yauch ft Darren Selector

Episode 89: You Spent Thirty Bucks on a Pregnancy Test? ft Darren Selector

Episode 88b: I'm So Rich in Spirit ft Nam Huynh and Daniel Isherwood

Episode 88: It's a Roller Derby Coaster ft Nam Huynh and Daniel Isherwood

Mini Episode 11: Erica's Dog Blog!

Episode 87: Quality of the Trim Job ft Kevin Heiderich

Episode 86b: The Vin Diesel Hour ft Jeremy Henson

Episode 86: I've Been Overserved! ft Jeremy Henson

Episode 85: Faith and Marinara Sauce ft Cameron Kobes

Mini Episode 10: KC Kaos, Announcer and Sport Commentator

Episode 84b: A Little on the Nose Again ft Amy Sheppard

Episode 84: Silence of the Slams ft Amy Sheppard

Episode 83: Planes, Zines, and Automobiles 

Episode 82: I Prefer Yang Yoga ft Chad and Tawny Denick

Episode 81: Come Down to the Chuckles Factory ft Reid Clark and Meredith Armstrong

Episode 80b: Can't We Just Hate Mondays Instead? ft Stuffy Doll's Jupiter Zirkua and Jey Cieri

Episode 80: Caught a Tapeworm in Colorada ft Stuffy Doll's Jupiter Zirkua and Jey Cieri

Episode 79: Ryan Reaves Gets Real ft Ryan Reaves

New Show Preview: Shattered Worlds RPG

Mini-Episode 9: Jeff and KC are Sleepy

Episode 78: Morgue Stories ft Steven Mathews

Episode 77: I'm More Than Just a Jump Shot ft Monica Nevi

Episode 76: Terminator Wolf in Sheep's Clothing ft DJ Moffett

Episode 75: That's The Trump In Me ft Andrew Rivers

Episode 74: Like a Secret Monster ft Anthony Blair-Borders

Episode 73: Cross Country Funny ft Jamal Harrington

Episode 72: Partay With The Derbay - KC's 30th Birthday!

Mini Episode 8: Jeff Messed Up

Episode 70: Brand New Season!

Episode 69: Jeff's Big Four Oh No ft Spenser O'Neill and Tony Lewis

Episode 67: I Feel the Injustice ft. Yung Fern

Mini Episode 7: Introducing the Nar Bar ft. Josh Firestine and Narin Vann

Episode 66: We'll Cut That Out (Trip to Chateau Ste Michelle) ft. Bob Dick and Carol Olsen

Episode 65b: Comics of Destiny Part Two: Vaccine Chatter ft. Michael Fitzgerald and Matt Lemanski

Episode 65: Comics of Destiny: The Mike and Matt Story ft Michael Fitzgerald and Matt Lemanski

Episode 64: The Story of Little Queenie ft Linda Nicole Blair

Episode 63: A Night in Paris with Jeff and KC

Special Bonus Episode: Shattered Worlds RPG - Day One

Episode 62: Bully Issues and Reel Talk ft Eric Anderson

Episode 61: I Will Crawl Under My Blanket of Sadness ft Jason Kaminski

Episode 60: Rooftop Sparkler Party

Episode 59: American Mythology ft Greg Carlock

GoT Season Finale Superchat with Fred Bowski and Friends!

Game of Thrones Chat "Battle of the Bastards"

Episode 58: Son of a Mob Hit Man ft Derek Sheen

Mini Episode 5: Derek Sheen Game o' Throne Brodown

Game of Thrones Chat "No One"

Episode 57: The Floating Dead ft Phil Dirt

Game of Thrones Chat "The Broken Man"

Game of Thrones Chat "Blood of My Blood"

In Memoriam (Orlando 2016)

 Episode 56b:  More With Seranine

Everything is Awesome Rewind: Episode 2.1 The ReHalloweening

Episode 16: March Madness at Mailman Studios

Episode 15: "Why Not Have Two Pipes?" with Eric Anderson

Episode 14: A Plethora of Pleather with Aaron Roden

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