Episode 81:Come Down to the Chuckles Factory ft Reid Clark and Meredith Armstrong

This is where Reid and Meredith make the magic happen.

This is where Reid and Meredith make the magic happen.

In which Jeff and KC welcome Seattle comics Reid Clark and Meredith Armstrong to the studio to discuss a broad range of topics; Jeff and KC engage in some podcast foreplay; Reid and Meredith have an open relationship; Reid has mad sad pieces; Jeff is uncomfortable with the whole topic; a uhaul truck is a great way to pick up free stuff off of Craigslist; roller derby is the Doug Stanhope of sports; Reid and Jeff discuss talkin ish and burnin bridges; KC contends that one can be honest without being offensive; the possibility of making a perfect statement; Reid quotes the first memo; Reid advocates approaching life like a press secretary; getting lost in your own con; y'all should come on down to the Chuckles Factory; KC uses an authoritative tone with Louis; Reid thinks we should keep sex, religion, and sports out of social conversation; we discuss the new bread and circuses; Lady Gaga doesn't get up to any Super Bowl shenanigans; Meredith talks about her first standup set; Reid tells Meredith she's a natural and later gets all romantical; "she came, and then she came"; they've been boring ever since; Meredith is a delight! Ugh; they are a very confrontational couple; Jeff reads from Shattered Worlds; The Serpent's Kiss; KC's goin to Mardi Gras in New Orleans; fluoride calcifies the third eye; Meredith is a goldurn delight; "we'll run a train on your podcast"; and more!


Closing Song: "The Church of What's Happening Now" - Sia




February 20 - Creative Colloquy, 7 pm at B Sharp Coffeehouse in Tacoma

February 22 - Top Shelf Show ft Sam Talent, 7 pm at The Rendezvous Seattle

February 25 - Destiny City Winter Zine Symposium, 2 pm at Destiny City Comics

March 18 - Dockyard Derby Dames Championship Bout, 6 pm at Pierce College Steillacoom




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