Episode 113: The People Are the Ones Who Create the Culture ft Silong Chhun

Silong Chhun lookin real serious.

Silong Chhun lookin real serious.


In which Jeff and KC welcome activist, advocate, artist, and entrepreneur Silong Chhun to the studio; Silong slowly grows to accept being an artist; he throws a comedy show; he went to Green River Community College, does radio at KGRG; Silong does the raps; drops some wisdom; Jeff has a tough week; KC has a parcel stolen; KC talks about why she wants to be a counselor; KC talks about her plans for the future; Silong arrives in America; Silong talks about why his company has the name Red Scarf Revolution; wants to build a bridge for the kids coming after; kids need to know about their history; he was raised by both parents; the king sided with the Khmer Rouge to fight the Communists; we discuss First They Killed My Father; his dad was a Lon Nul soldier in hiding; Silong's mom and dad found each other in the camp; Khmer Krom faced racism from other Cambodians; Silong didn't join a gang because he couldn't fight (and he would cry); both Silong and KC's dads picked plants in the mountains; "You gotta let me fail!": KC's autobiography; "Tacoma’s a great place to be an artist"; his dad went to Cambodia and made a movie; Silong has a great idea for a restaurant; "it's like opening up a wound thats never gonna heal"; Silong still remembers lining up his first kickflip; he's naive about how stuff's supposed to work so he just does it; Silong's trying to put together a Netflix screening here in Tacoma;  Silong's doin fancy things; flying out to do a keynote speech in Chicago at the Cambodian Heritage and Genocide Museum - cambodianmuseum.org; KC wants to be a keynote speaker someday; KC loves the new Writing Process theme song (courtesy of Sean of the Movie Babies podcast); and more!




November 12th - For the Record at Parlor Live 7:30 Sunday ft Taylor Bonzer, Andrew Rivers, Casey McLain, and more

November 18th - Dockyard Derby Dames bout, Pierce College Steillacoom, WA




Audible - Just Mercy, Brian Stevenson; Missing Microbes

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Jason Anspach (author of the Galaxy's Edge series)

Loung Ung

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Check out Silong's website: redscarfrevolution.com


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