iMikhel doing that standup thang.

iMikhel doing that standup thang.


In which local comic and all-round cool dude Mikhel Teemant joins Jeff & KC for a frank discussion about a number of topics, including running an open mic, the problem with big business, why Florida is so nutso, the Dave Matthews Band, etc; aweirdly silent man rides with Mikhel; the Big Short and Wolf of Wall Street explain the voodoo of business; Mikhel spends a year in Baton Rouge; Mikhel stays away from Florida; born in Barstow, raised in Vegas; "I'm Team Republican"; read the bible, become an atheist; Dawkins is an a-hole; superfluous sweaters; Mikhel plugs Under the Banner of Heaven and Where Men Win Honor; fundies and pliggies; Mikhel played the sweet saxophone; jazz and Steely Dan; sexual abuse and the maelstrom around it; Jeff shares another excerpt from his novel; and more!


Closing Song: "A Day in the Life (50th Anniversary Remix)" - The Beatles


Plugs: go see Mikhel do standup!




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