Arden Leigh in ritual red.

Arden Leigh in ritual red.


In which Arden Leigh is back for some more big talk; KC and Arden are only children; Arden gets some good advice from a problematic shaman; "ultimately the goal is union"; doing eons of work in a matter of weeks; "it's like a beautiful mansion but it has termites"; "I'm not gonna let this happen on my watch"; "it takes trauma to really show you what's wrong"; Arden had an abusive father; she tried to emancipate herself but the court wasn't into it; "it's just words, you can survive this”; Arden was hangin onto the barricade; she busted her hand doing parkour and discovered she had a remarkably high pain tolerance; "I wanna soften"; always doing things for other people blocks us from receiving; Jeff's whole body is a blockage; we talk desensitization; on being a submissive masochist; it's a good idea to explore where your kink comes from; when someone shares something vulnerable with Arden she likes to share something vulnerable with them; "there's no Submissives Anonymous program; it was unsafe and embarrassing to set personal boundaries; "I'm ready to heal"; she was a virgin til twenty-two and a half; she had high standards; she was in a relationship with a guy doing a show on programmable humans; Jeff ran off when KC appeared; "you can have a soul tribe"; "magic is physics, you guys; read some Johan Hari; you can give yourself permission to be free, to choose freedom, to define boundaries for yourself, to claim your sovereignty; and more!


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