Episode 118: From No to Mango




In which Jeff and KC call up Cambodian writer and musician Sokunthary Svay; her dad changes their name to something fruitier; Jeff loses a friend; Sok has a ton of cool events going; protesting in person versus writing on the issues; marketing oneself is hard; saying no is often necessary; the benefits of writing in the tub; going to the mall on Easter; Kim Kardashian finds interesting places to hide surplus selfies; mom and dad meet in the old country; immigrants get squeezed by lame employers; Chappelle references the "mileage" of sex workers; working through the stories of genocide to newer stories; on speaking Khmer; KC drops some more pithy wisdom; higher education funding is jacked up in the US; parents that don't support kids going into the arts; seminal figures that propel the artist to take risks; Dad loved Yan; folks never came to her concerts; quoting mom to herself through poetry; Sok's drops some recs for works relevant to Khmer and Khmer-Americans; and more!

Stay tuned for Part 2 in which we go deeper into Sok's creative process, and we all share some of our work!


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